What if the trainer/CE event organizer does not provide documentation?

As the candidate for CESP™ recertification, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation showing proof that you attended events and/or training, not simply proof of registration. 

All documentation must include proof of attendance, number of hours, relevance to content outline (description of event and/or sessions), and your information as the candidate.
Ways to obtain documentation:
  • Certificate from trainer/event organizer 
  • Proof of registration plus letter from your supervisor/HR verifying attendance
  • A list of trainings attended with a signature from your supervisor. We have created a resource to outline the training(s) attended and documentation. These will then be counted toward in-service trainings with a maximum of 20 credits.
A sample of a certificate that may be given to individuals that provides the required information is available here for to download and edit. Click to download the Continuing Education Certificate Template.

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