How Do I Submit my Recertification Application?

The application link has been updated. Please note that the application is available online located here.

Submission Process

You are eligible to submit during the 9 months before the credential is set to expire up through the 30 days grace period after expiration or the end of the next month. 

You must submit at least 36 credits in order to complete the application. Submissions with less than 36 credits submitted will be denied upon submission and refunded minus a non-refundable $31.25 application processing fee. 

Review Process

Once your application has been submitted, the review timeline is followed. See below for more information.

Stage Next Steps    
Submit Application Once you have submitted your application, you will receive an email to your professional email address listed on the application. If you do not receive this confirmation email, please contact us.    
Initial Review of Your Submission You will receive notice of your recertification status via email within 5 business days of successful application submission.    
Application is Pending Should your application be marked pending,  you will receive an email of your status. You have until your grace period expires to log in and see action steps necessary to re-submit your application. 

Additional documentation may be requested to determine compliance with the documentation requirements outlined in the Requirements for Continuing Education (CE) credits, as well as relevance to the Content Outline.

Applicants for recertification that do not provide additional documentation within the timeline requested will be denied recertification after their grace period expires. denied upon submission and refunded minus a non-refundable $31.25 application processing fee. 

You are able to submit additional credits and documentation via email to 
Recertification Application Approved You will receive notice via email when your application is approved. You will also receive an email with a link to your updated certificate. For more on what you can do with your online certificate, click here. Click here to learn more about your certificate.    

Recertification Webinar

For a webinar reviewing the entire application, please visit our Recertification Webinar.

Paper applications will not be accepted unless there is a documented accommodation request (following the ADA) submitted to the ESPCC.

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