What is Continuing Education (CE) and how can I find opportunities?

Recertification by Continuing Education (CE) Credit

See the full document outlining the recertification by CE credits process. Click here to view and download.

CESP™ must provide documentation for 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credit and submit with a recertification application.

Credential Holders are eligible to submit their recertification application at any time in the nine months before their credential is set to expire up through the 30-days grace period after the date of expiration. 

Submit when you have earned and uploaded at least 36 CE credits and are prepared to remit the recertification fee ($125).  Please note the actual recertification application is online at www.apse.smapply.org

The Employment Support Professional Certification Council (ESPCC) does not pre-approve credits. The steps below outline how to plan for, choose and participate in relevant Continuing Education (CE) opportunities/activities that comply with recertification requirements.

Credential holders are required to have completed 36 hours of CE credits to submit the recertification application.

How to earn CE credits that will be approved by the ESPCC:

1.     Activities Must Relate to the Content Outline

The CESP credential is for employment support professionals (ESPs) and ensures that those who hold it maintain an ongoing commitment to learning in the area of competitive, integrated employment. Therefore, continuing education credits (hours) need to be specific to supporting employment.

  • All CE activities must be directly related to the Certified Employment Support Professional (ESP) Content Outline.
  • Acceptable activities include the knowledge and skills defined by the Content Outline published by the ESPCC including content related to ethics and values.
  • Activities which are considered normal employment duties of an ESP will not be accepted for CE credits.
  • Although mandatory trainings and general disability trainings are valuable to the role of an ESP, they are not specific to employment. General disability-related training does not count toward recertification (i.e. Mental Health First Aid, non-employment disability specific training).

2.     Has Necessary Documentation

As the candidate for CESP™ recertification, you are responsible for obtaining appropriate documentation showing proof of completion of CE activities. Each activity outlines the type of necessary documentation required.

All documentation is subject to verification by the ESPCC:

Documentation should clearly show the connection to the Content Outline and employment specific training/content.

  • Add any additional information about the activity, such as a webpage or marketing information to help show relevance to Content Outline
  • Repeated coursework, trainings, or content will not be counted for credit within the same 3-year cycle (i.e. attending a training multiple times that presents the same content)
  • Completion dates of CE hours (CEs) submitted for the current renewal cycle MUST fall within the current three-year certification period including the 30-day grace period.
  • Acceptable forms of documentation submitted with recertification application are listed here as examples. Other forms of documentation that provide evidence that the activity was completed may also be accepted.
  • Ensure documentation shows record of attendance/completion, not just registration.
  • For CE credits attended (webinar, training, etc), the number of hours must be clearly listed.


Please see the full document to see all activities and documentation guidelines outlined.

Questions? Email cesp@apse.org


Where to Find CE Activities and Credits

While the ESPCC outlines the various types of activities in the form linked above, we are able to refer you to some places that frequently host both paid and free webinars related to the content outline.

Please note that the ESPCC does not approve credits for recertification until you have submitted for recertification. Ensure that you have proper documentation for any activity before submitting for recertification.

We also post upcoming training opportunities, webinars, and more on our social media pages.

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