What counts as a Continuing Education activity?

Recertification by Continuing Education (CE) Credit

CESP™ must provide documentation for 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credit and submit with recertification application.

Submit during the 9 months before  credential  is set to expire up through the 30 days grace period after expiration. After the 30 days have elapsed, you must recertify using the examination and your new date of certification will be your new examination date.

What counts as a Continuing Education (CE) Credit?

1. Relevance to the Content Outline

 Training or other recertification items should fall into one of these categories. A detailed content outline is available for download below:

  • Application of Core Values and Principles to Practice & Legislation and Funding
  • Individualized Assessment and Employment / Career Planning
  • Community Research and Job Development
  • Workplace and Related Supports
  • Ongoing Support

Acceptable activities include the knowledge and skills defined by the content outline published by ESPCC including content related to ethics and values.

General disability-related training does not count toward recertification (i.e. Mental Health First Aid, non-employment disability specific training).CPR, first aid, and other similar courses are often mandated by state agencies or ESP employers; however, these courses are not accepted for continuing education credit.

2. Has the Necessary Documentation

  • Documentation that verifies the reported number of CE credits must be submitted with the recertification application. These should be saved as .pdf or .word files. If you need help with scanning paper documents to prepare for the application, please watch this 3-minute video.
  • Repeated CE activities/content will not be counted for credit within the same three-year recertification cycle.


Where to Find CE Activities and Credits

While the ESPCC outlines the various types of activities in the Requirements for Continuing Education (CE) Credits Form, we are able to refer you to some places that frequently host both paid and free webinars related to the content outline.

Please note that the ESPCC does not approve credits for recertification until you have submitted for recertification. Ensure that you have proper documentation for any activity before submitting for recertification.

The October CESP™ Quarterly Newsletter gave 10 ideas for free CE credits (including ideas outside of webinars). Check it out by clicking here.

We also post upcoming training opportunities, webinars, and more on our social media pages.

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