Appeal of Adverse Decision

An applicant may submit an appeal of an adverse ESPCC credentialing program decision under the following circumstances:

  •       The applicant was found to be ineligible to take the CESP examination;
  •       The applicant feels their failing score is incorrect as a result from disruptive testing conditions;
  •       The applicant was found to be ineligible for CESP recertification.

No appeal may be taken from an adverse decision based on:

  •       An applicant’s receipt of a failing grade on a CESP examination unless extraordinary circumstances exist as determined solely by the ESPCC;
  •       An applicant’s failure to include required documentation in the application for either exam eligibility or recertification;
  •       An applicant’s failure to follow stated instructions in application for either exam eligibility or recertification.

The procedures set forth below for the review and appeal of adverse decisions affecting certification or recertification may be subject to an expedited schedule when deemed necessary by the ESPCC.

Request for Reconsideration

An individual who has received an adverse decision will be given prompt written notice of the decision. The notice will state the reason(s) for the adverse decision and will inform the individual that they have the right to seek review of the adverse decision by filing a timely written Request for Appeal of an Adverse Decision (Appeal) with the Certification program staff.

To be valid, the Appeal must be received by the Certification Staff within thirty (30) days of receipt by the individual of notice of the adverse decision. Any appeal received beyond this date will not be reviewed.

The request must be submitted via email to and must detail the nature of the appeal and the specific facts supporting the appeal. No new or additional information may be submitted with the appeal request.

Review by the Council

The adverse decision will be reviewed by the ESPCC or a Committee convened by the ESPCC. The ESPCC and/or Committee may review any information it deems pertinent and may request additional information from the individual. The ESPCC and/or Committee may, at its discretion, take one of the following actions:

  •       Affirm the adverse decision; or
  •       Recommend that the adverse decision be reversed or modified.

The ESPCC representative will notify the individual in writing of its action, including the reasons for these actions, within 60 calendar days after receipt of the request for reconsideration. Should the ESPCC or a Committee request additional information from the individual an additional 30 days will be allowed for the addition of information and secondary review.

An individual who has been notified that the adverse decision has been confirmed by the ESPCC and/or Committee cannot make additional appeals regarding this adverse decision.

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