How do I maintain my CESP™ certification?

The CESP™ Certification is valid for a three-year period. All credential holders must recertify every 3 years. The recertification process provides credential holderswith the opportunity to demonstrate the reinforcement, retention, and maintenance of their knowledge and skills and the retention of their knowledge of current practice.

ESPCC requires periodic recertification to promote professional development for employment services professionals and to ensure that individuals who hold the credential maintain an ongoing commitment to learning in their area(s) of practice.

Professional development is accomplished by either obtaining the required number of continuing education credits or by passing the certification examination for which the content is periodically updated. Recertification by continuing education credits ensures that the individual has participated in professional development activities that are directly related to the provision of employment support services. Since the examination is updated periodically, recertification by examination also ensures that credential holders have maintained their knowledge and skills during the time since initial certification. (CESP Certification Handbook, Maintaining CESP Certification) 

Credential holders become eligible to complete their recertification application up to nine months prior to the date of expiration and through the 30-day grace period after expiration.

Recertification is mandatory for all credential holders every 3 years. If certification is not renewed it will expire on the last day of the month three years after the certification was last earned.

Credential Holders are able to recertify by one of two methods:

  1. CESP™ credential holder must provide documentation for 36 hours of Continuing Education (CE) credit
    and submit with recertification application, or
  2. Sit for and pass the examination prior to the grace period passing (30 days after expiration).

Failure to recertify by one of these two methods by the grace period end date will require candidates to apply and take the examination as any other candidate would.

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CESP™ Recertification

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