I have not received the verification or password reset email.

If you are not receiving the verification email or password reset email, there a few steps to work to resolve the issue.

Step One:
Have you reached out to APSE/CESP support at cesp@apse.org to confirm the email address listed on your account? 

Step Two:
If you have confirmed with APSE/CESP that the email address you are using to reset your password is, in fact, the email address on your account you will need to reach out to Survey Monkey for technical support.

Here's How: 

The Survey Monkey Support Team can be reached from the APSE Apply site. In the upper right-hand corner click on the Information menu button pictured below:

This menu will produce the following options. Select "Having technical issues with this site?" (Boxed in red below). This will open a support contact form. 

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