How should I track my CE credits?

While you are welcome to sign in to the system to begin uploading credits and documenting them on the application, some may want to use an Excel spreadsheet or print it out to use. The tracking guide is intended as a template for you to track information in preparation to transfer it to the application. 

Click for the recertification tracking guide.

For each activity, please include the following:

  • Name of the activity
  • Documentation for the activity required
  • Date completed (if ongoing, such as involvement on a board, just include the date of a letter included)
  • Type of activity*
  • Number of CE credits it is worth*
  • Connection to the 4 CESP domains from the Content Outline (select one on the application)
  • Any additional details to help the reviewers connect the activity to the CESP content domain

Please note that activities should be grouped together, such as conference attendance. If you went to one conference but received multiple certificates, please try to group these as one activity.

Here are the full requirements for the recertification process by continuing education credits, including activities accepted and credits worth, documentation required, the Content Outline, and the process of recertifying. Click here to view and download.

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