CESP Eligibility Form


1 Let's begin with the Eligibility Form for CESP exam eligibility.

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2 Read the requirements for eligibility. Begin answering the questions.

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3 Answer questions about your work history. If you select no to "Have you worked at least nine months" you are automatically ineligible to take the exam. Documentation of work history will be asked for on the application.

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4 Continue answering the eligibility questions. 

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5 Scroll down and select your method of payment. Debit/credit will use PayPal. For checks, APSE needs to receive the payment before the deadline ends. Scholarship/sponsorship is the final option.

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6 Indicate whether you will be requesting an accommodation. The accommodation request form and required documentation are included as part of the application.

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7 Scroll down and click Mark as complete

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8 That's it. You're done and can move on to the next step.

If you are ineligible, you will receive notice and your application will lock. If this happens in error, email cesp@apse.org

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Here's an interactive tutorial for the visual learners


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