Is there training for the CESP™ examination?

The ESPCC does not recommend or endorse any programs created with the intention to aid in exam preparation, nor is there a specific training program for the CESP exam. The CESP exam tests the ability to apply the practical knowledge required to work in supported employment settings to fictional scenarios. Any training program that enhances knowledge and experience that can generate positive employment outcomes will be beneficial for any candidate, although not necessary.

The ESPCC knows that many people want to prepare. Therefore we provide background information, tips, and tools to help you feel confident and comfortable on exam day. 

  • Click to go to the Candidate Handbook
  • Click to watch the CESP WebinarIt's important to note that the exam is written with a focus on competitive, integrated employment and that every question and answer needs to be considered within that frame. The exam tests the knowledge and skill that an employment support professional would use in their work to support community-based, integrated employment.

The CESP™ exam is a scenario-based exam based on the skills and information an employment support professional uses every day.  The test presents fictional situations similar to those typically encountered by employment specialists.  Test takers must select the most appropriate and effective strategy for the scenario.  The exam assesses the candidate’s ability to apply knowledge to context rather than their ability to memorize facts.

Preparing for the CESP™ Exam

The exam is based on the results of a national Role Delineation Study and the resulting content outline. The exam includes questions from each content area in the percentage ranges noted. Candidates should carefully review the content outline as they prepare for the exam. Click here to see the content domain.

CESP Practice Test from APSE

Created by the APSE Professional Development Committee, this 11-question practice test can help candidates prepare for the Certified Employment Support Professional certification. 

By taking this practice test, APSE does not endorse or imply that these preparatory materials are the best, or the only means for preparing adequately for the certification examination. There is no advantage given to candidates who participate in this practice test. 


You can also view webinars available from APSE and additional training opportunities:

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