For Trainers: How can I get my event/training preapproved for CESP credit?

If you or your organization are looking to provide a training or educational activity in which participants want to receive CESP credit, this article outlines the requirements for getting trainings approved for CESPs.

While we do not pre-approve activities, we can provide guidance to those planning events and  trainings

Please note: General disability-related training does not count toward recertification (i.e. Mental Health First Aid, non-employment disability specific training). CPR, first aid, and other similar courses are often mandated by state agencies or ESP employers; however, these courses are not accepted for continuing education credit. 

Follow the steps below to best ensure the activity will be accepted for credit.

1. Ensure the activity type is one approved by the ESPCC for credit. See more: 

Please see the Requirements for CE Credits for more guidance about what is specifically needed for each type of activity.

2. Align the content with the CESP™ domains and content outline.

All activities must be aligned with the CESP™ Content Outline

All activities must relate to community-based employment supports and be able to be matched to one or more content areas. This means every CE must clearly relate to employment-based supports and we do not accept general disability training credit. 

3. Provide documentation to attendees that meet the requirements 

Often, just a certificate of attendance will suffice, or a "check-in" sheet if the training is provided at your organization where people sign in as attended. It should track attendance rather than simply registration. 

We are also happy to assist in reviewing a certificate or documentation before the event and provide feedback for your consideration before giving to attendees. Please email using the contact information above.

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