How to Use Your Digital Certificate

Congratulations! You've earned your CESP™ credential and want to show off your status with others. 

For New Certificants

Timeline: New CESP™ credential holder will receive their certificate electronically within 2-4 weeks of the end of the testing window with some exceptions (notice of a delay in scores will be posted on the website). 

The email will include a link directly to the certificate. Click on the link and you will verify the information is correct, including name, status, and email. If anything looks not correct, you can edit it from that screen or email with questions.

Re-Certifying CESP

For those recertifying, your certificate will be updated to reflect the expiration 3 years from the initial expiration. 

You will receive an email within 1 week of your notice that your application was approved.

Using My Digital Certificate - Your New Credential Toolkit (click here) 

Now that you've confirmed everything on your certificate is correct, you can verify the certificate. Once you do so, you are able to access and use your digital CESP™ certificate in many different ways, including:

  • Download a PDF to print 
  • Email the credential to another person
  • Add your certificate to your LinkedIn profile
  • Add the certificate to your email signature
  • Change your privacy settings
  • Want to go private? Should credential holders elect to make the certificate private, one must go to your certificate through email, select ‘privacy options,’ and toggle it to private. The credential holder will then not show up on the professional list.

Use of the Certification Mark and Logo

You can also add the CESP logo to your email or other places. Download the logo here. Ensure it includes the text of "Certified Employment Support Professional™." 

Certified Employment Support Professional™, CESP, and the CESP logo are certification marks owned by APSE and may be used only by persons that have completed certification requirements and maintained the certification.

My Certificate Expired, What Do I Need To Do?

You'll receive an email reminding you that your certificate is expiring 3 years after you test at the end of the month. You have a 30-day grace period in which your certificate can be re-instated after it expires. 

By the grace period, which ends 30 days after your expiration, CESP™ holders need to have either taken the examination and passed, or submitted and received approval of your recertification through Continuing Education credits in order for your certificate to be granted with the original dates.

Click here to see the Recertification Resources, including information about the recertification process, testing by exam, and about continuing education.

I've Lost My Certificate Email! How Do I Find My Certificate?

It's super easy! First, go to Accredible's certificate retrieval page. Then, enter your email and submit. You will then receive an email with links to all the certificates that belong to your email address.

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