Pending Application

After review of your eligibility application for the CESP, you may receive notice that your application is pending for any of the following reasons. 

Please follow the instructions to submit additional information required via email to

Education: Documentation Required

There are various reasons why your application may be marked as pending because of your education documentation. More information will be provided in your eligibility review email about your specific situation.

As a reminder, you must provide a high school (or equivalent) diploma or transcript. A transcript or diploma from postsecondary education can be submitted in lieu of high school or equivalent. 

Work Experience: Length of Professional Work Experience

Your application shows you have at least 9 months of 20+ hour/week experience, but less than 1 year. Additional comments about your specific letter may be provided in the eligibility review email.

Please visit the CESP Frequently Asked Questions page or Candidate Handbook for more information about the training requirements (see below).

Documentation Required by Application Deadline:

  • Proof of internship, practicum, and/or training
    • If providing proof of internship(s), please provide the following:
      • Length of internship (hours)
      • Date completed
    • If providing proof of training, please provide the following for each training*:
      • Course Title
      • Course Provider
      • Course Instructor (if different than provider)
      • Date Completed
      • Total Hours
      • Training Certificate (1 required)
      • Signed Letter of Completion (optional)
      • *This information is only required for individual training courses (maximum of 3) if the trainings were provided by different providers. If they were all provided in-agency, one proof of training is sufficient.

Training Definition: 

An internship or practicum of at least 2 months in length and/or successful completion of an intensive training course that includes at least 32 hours of ESP-related coursework. The content for acceptable training courses must be directly related to the CESP™ content outline. Acceptable training content is related to supported and customized employment as well as training relevant to providing employment and community-based supports to people with disabilities. Examples of acceptable training content includes: specialized training to work with specific disability groups (i.e. autism or mental illness), training on small businesses development, American with Disabilities Act (ADA) training, benefits counseling, and strategies for job development. Training related to segregated employment services or services that are not widely considered to be best practices will not be accepted.

Work Experience: Employment Verification

After review, please see your email for details about why your application is pending.

Documentation Required by Application Deadline:

See full requirements for the employer verification. 

To submit your eligibility application for CESP™ certification, you must submit an online verification through the application from your current (or previous) employer verifying your work history as an employment support professional. The application includes a task that will allow you to email that person. They will then be responsible for providing the recommendation before the application deadline, and your application will then be considered.

To be considered for the certification, the ESPCC has outlined that employment verification cannot come from the individual themselves. If you are self-employed, a contractor, or in similar circumstances, the Council requests additional documentation. This can include but is not limited to, verification from the funding source(s) or program(s) with whom you contract. 

The verification also cannot come from a coworker but should be a previous or current employer (supervisor, Director, Human Resources, etc).

If you have less than the 9-12 months at your current employer, they need to attest you were hired with previous ESP experience or you will need to provide additional verification from previous employer(s).

Work Experience: Resume

After review, your resume requires additional information. Please note that all resumes submitted for CESP eligibility review must reflect the applicant’s work experience as an employment support professional. This work history must match information provided by the Employment Verification, showing the applicant meets the minimum requirements.  

Please visit the CESP Frequently Asked Questions page or Candidate Handbook for more information about the Work Definition.

Documentation Required by Application Deadline:

Updated Resume that reflects full work experience and shows how the candidate meets the Work Definition requirements.

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